Escape the Indoors

Experience downtown Bloomington in a whole new way.
The game is afoot! Sherlock Holmes has received new intelligence about a century-old art heist – and he needs you to do the legwork to solve the case!

Years ago, a gang of art thieves rode the railroad into downtown Bloomington and stashed their loot along the line. The artwork was never recovered, the railroad is now the B-Line Trail, and a new generation of thieves is on the hunt!

Sherlock needs your group of intrepid investigators to unravel the clues to solve the case, recover the art before the criminal arrives, and break up this crime ring. Hurry…the thieves will be here soon!


Sherlock Holmes and the Great Art Caper begins at The Code and Key Escape Rooms in Fountain Square, but takes you out along the B-Line Trail and through downtown Bloomington. The game is untimed, but groups typically complete the game between 1 and 2 hours!

Our outdoor game is perfect for large groups or team-building activities – you can book multiple copies of the game (up to 12) and compete against each other along the B-Line Trail at the same time!

The majority of the game is completed outdoors. Please dress and prepare for the weather (i.e. bring water, umbrellas, coats, etc.). Dogs are also welcome in the outdoor areas of the game! The game uses Facebook Messenger to deliver instructions. Please download this app on a participant’s phone before arrival.

Note: Sherlock Holmes and the Gang of Four was originally offered as a special event in June 2021 in partnership with the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department.

Price:  $75 per group

Recommended Number of Players:  2 – 6

Book this special game online in groups of up to 6 people per group.